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The leading manufacturer of organic fertilizers in Ukraine

About us

The Company was created in 1990.
The Company started its work on the market of fertilizers in 1995, having gained success and customers’ acknowledgement since then. Its fertilizers are successfully used on various agricultural crops in different climatic zones and soil types.

Hermes Agri-Company Ltd fertilizers are different from the others owing to their unique nature. They are made from vermicompost (biohumus), the product of the cattle manure processing by the Red Californian Worms (Eisenia fetida) also known as Red Wigglers.

The trade mark is Humiplus.

Why farmers choose Humisol fertilizers

More than twenty years of expertise in development and production of humic fertilizers
Unique raw material, balanced content
Multi-year field trials in various scientific and research institutes of Ukraine
Company’s own laboratory provides control of all manufacturing stages
Automated manufacturing of liquid humic concentrates
Annual inspection by Organic Standard

How we make it

Manufacturing of the liquid concentrates is fully automated, which contributes to obtaining the high-quality end products. All manufacturing stages are given close attention: from the production of the basic raw material (vermicompost) to packing into safe and beautiful packages.


Company’s own laboratory analyzes each batch of the products by the chemical and microbiological indicators.

Products’ effectiveness is also examined with the help of seed testing which shows crops’ response to Hermes fertilizers.

Owing to this, the Company can be sure that its fertilizers are up to the highest quality standards.

The Company has been collaborating with scientific and research institutes for years. The results of the field trials carried out in various scientific and research institutes have proved the effectiveness of Hermes fertilizers.


The Company fertilizers are approved by Organic Standard (Ukraine) for the use in organic agriculture according to the International Accredited Certification Bodies Equivalent European Union Organic Production and Processing Standard for third countries which is equivalent to the EU Regulation No.834/2007 and No.889/2008.

Staying in touch

The Company is staying in touch with the customers, providing necessary advice and doing the analysis of the achieved results together with them. Discounts and payment delays for permanent partners are also possible.


Why choose Humiplus, not any other preparations of humic nature? - Made from vermicompost, the unique raw material, Humiplus, fertilizers keep all of its useful components. Humisol fertilizers are also enriched with biogenic microelements necessary for the plants.

Valuable raw material and unique technologies make Humiplus fertilizers powerful preparations with complex action and many properties.
Рідкі органічні добрива від виробника


Humisol – liquid humic fertilizers used for foliar feedings. Humisol fertilizers are enriched with biogenic microelements for 12 kinds of crops for better plants’ growth, development and quality. Among the crops there are grain crops, legumes, maize, oilseeds, vegetables etc.


Humicor - highly-concentrated humic suspension used for seed treatment and soil application.


Humigran – granular humic fertilizer which actively works in soil for three years after application because the nutrients of Humigran granules are slowly released.


Humitab – tablets from vermicompost. Meant for growing sprouts of vegetables and flowers, as well as feeding potatoes, bushes, trees, etc.

Choosing Humiplus fertilizers you get complex and balanced preparations which contain:

- humic substances;
- amino acids, phytohormones;
- beneficial microflora;
- sets of micronutrients required for various crops.

For more than twenty years farmers in Ukraine and Germany have been using Humiplus fertilizers for pre-sowing seed treatment, foliar feedings and soil application.