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Hermes Agri-Company

Humisol complex humic fertilizers

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About Us

Why Humisol, not any other preparations of humic nature?

Made from vermicompost, the unique raw material, Humisol fertilizers keep all of its useful components. Humisol fertilizers are also enriched with biogenic micronutrients necessary for the plants.
Valuable raw material and unique technologies make Humisol fertilizers powerful preparations with complex action and many properties.
Choosing Humisol fertilizers you get complex and balanced preparations which contain:
- humic substances;
- амінокислоти та фітогормони;
- beneficial microflora;
- sets of micronutrients required for various crops.
For over twenty years grateful farmers in Ukraine and Germany have been using Humisol fertilizers for pre-sowing seed treatment, foliar feedings and soil application.


Buying Humisol fertilizers you get four in one:

Humisol fertilizers are Hermes Agri-Company Ltd bestsellers. Unlike many other fertilizers made from peats, leonardite, sapropel etc., Humisol fertilizers are made from vermicompost. Vermicompost is the most valuable and pliable raw material by the quality and composition.
Humic fertilizer
Growth stimulant
Microbiological fertilizer


Save money by reducing the use of mineral fertilizers

Humisol fertilizers. Higher crop yields, lower costs
Humisol fertilizers are eco-friendly, efficient and economical.
On-farm testing and customer feedback have proved that using Humisol fertilizers in combination with mineral fertilizers enables reduced application of the latter by 30 % at least.
While crop yields remain at the level of 100 % mineral fertilizers application.


What are the benefits of Hermes fertilizers

For farmers
Saving costs on mineral fertilizers;
Reducing risks;
Increasing income.
Better plants’ feeding;
Development of plants stress tolerance;
Crop yields increase.
Improvement of soil physical and chemical properties;
Preserving and improving soil fertility.
Binding heavy metals and radioactive nuclides;
Restoring of areas affected by anthropogenic factors.

Fertilizers from the manufacturer

Why farmers choose Humisol fertilizers

More than twenty years of expertise in development and production of humic fertilizers
Unique raw material, balanced content
Multi-year field trials in various scientific and research institutes of Ukraine
Automated manufacturing of liquid humic concentrates
Company’s own laboratory provides control of all manufacturing stages
Annual inspection by Organic Standard
Free delivery within Ukraine


Our partners

Organic fertilizers made from vermicompost

Humisol fertilizers - the best humates in Ukraine

The genuine landowner is thinking not only about how to get good yields. Agrarian cares not only for the plants and their growth. He is seeking to do everything for the land to save its fertility for the future.

The use of the organic fertilizers of natural origin have a positive effect today and return agriculture to its living sources.

Agricultural business and production are still focused mainly on mineral fertilizers. However, even under these circumstances it’s quite possible to buy organic fertilizers. which feed the soil so that you can get high-quality yields.

Why use organic fertilizers?

Vermicompost – the unique raw material

Both soil and plants respond well to organic fertilizers, which you can buy at Hermes Agri-Company Ltd.

The Company's products are well-known since 1995 as the peerlessly best humic fertilizers made from vermicompost.

Vermicompost, itself a valuable organic fertilizer, is a product of the cattle manure processing by the Red Californian worms (Red wigglers). Its natural properties make it possible to use vermicompost safely and grow crops being sure about the result.

Fertilizers made from vermicompost

How to choose quality fertilizers?

Agricultural companies can learn from their own experience that the organic fertilizers made from vermicompost work effectively to enhance yields and quality. The price of these fertilizers is quite reasonable considering their origin.

Humisol fertilizers contain all the valuable components of vermicompost – humic substances, natural phytohormones, amino acids, vitamins, macro- and microelements in an organically bound form. They also contain agronomically beneficial microflora.

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Guarantee of quality

Buying organic fertilizers in Ukraine, but with the European quality? - It’s easy. Hermes preparations meet these requirements perfectly.

They are approved for the use in organic agriculture according to the International Accredited Certification Bodies Equivalent European Union Organic Production and Processing Standard for third countries which is equivalent to the EU Regulation No.834/2007 and No.889/2008.

Types of fertilizers made from vermicompost

Ukrainian farmers are familiar with organic fertilizers and have been using them for a long time now.

Hermes Agri-Company offers to farmers such preparations made from vermicompost:
- Humisol-plus liquid complex humic fertilizers with biogenic microelements;
- Humicor suspension stimulant-adaptogen;
- Humigran granular vermicompost.
For more details about these and other products see the catalog.

Stimulants-adaptogens made from brown coal. Humiam stimulants-adaptogens help in getting yields even under difficult weather and climate conditions.

Organic feeding based on the properties of ammonium humate will support plants in the areas of risk farming.

Buying fertilizers online is convenient and advantageous

Delivery across Ukraine is free of charge from the minimum batch – 10 liters of Humisol-plus.

The impeccable reputation of Hermes Agri-Company Ltd as a reliable partner is owing to over twenty years of successful work in the market of organic fertilizers.
The production is automated. The Company's own certified laboratory controls all processes – from obtaining vermicompost to pouring and packing.

The production is automated. The Company's own certified laboratory controls all processes – from obtaining vermicompost to pouring and packing. Product analysis is carried out on chemical and microbiological indicators. Screenings for crops response are also made.

Fertilizers eshop enables customers to buy fertilizers in Kyiv or any other locality. You can get advice and order products by phone.